Thalia Oosthuizen



  • Expert content editor focusing on fly fishing, trout fishing, bass fishing, backpacking, and hiking. 
  • Holds two diplomas, one degree, and a TEFL certificate.
  • Featured on various outdoor-activity-related websites within the fishing, hiking, running, and camping niches, to name a few.


Thalia Oosthuizen has been an editor and proofreader for over a decade, primarily in the online space. Growing up, she spent a lot of time fishing in South Africa and Zimbabwe with her father and grandfather, and today, she still enjoys heading out to have some peace and serenity on the water. Thalia uses her platform to write and edit content that engages her senses, especially in the outdoor and travel niche.

When she's not working, Thalia enjoys running, cycling, swimming, and spending time in nature. Indoor activities she enjoys doing include reading, watching sports (especially tennis and football), and playing the guitar and piano.


Thalia Oosthuizen’s educational background informs her editing and proofreading. She studied a Bachelor of Education at the University of Fort Hare in East London, South Africa, majoring in English and Psychology. She followed that up with two diplomas in Sound Recording Engineering (with a minor in Law) at City Varsity in Cape Town, South Africa. Thalia also has her TEFL certification, providing her with significant knowledge and experience in English.


Do you have a specific audience or demographic that you primarily edit for? 

I edit articles to be appropriate for travelers and outdoor adventurers of all skill levels. I want anyone with any level of experience to feel safe and comfortable setting off on their next adventure, safe in the knowledge that they have received from the articles I have edited.

Could you please share your educational background, including the institutions you attended and the degrees you earned? 

I spent 3 years studying for a Bachelor of Education, majoring in English and Psychology, at the University of Fort Hare in East London, South Africa. I hold a 2 year diploma in Sound Engineering and a 1 year advanced diploma in Sound Recording Engineering (major in Live Sound and Band Recording).

Have you completed any additional training or certifications relevant to your writing or area of expertise? 

I completed a TEFL certificate in 2017 and taught English to grades 10 - 12 for 2 years. I have completed several certificates in editing and proofreading.

Can you list some of the publications or platforms where your work has been featured? 

I write for Into Revel Sports, Health Reporter, Blanc Magazine, and various other websites. 

Do you have any other roles or responsibilities related to your profession, such as consulting, teaching, or public speaking? 

I regularly consult with authors and writers regarding their books, ebooks, articles, websites, and other publications. I provide extensive editing, proofreading, and formatting services.

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