Close up image of Brook trout in man's hand.

How Are Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout Different? Cousins From the Same Continent

Brook trout and rainbow trout are both members of the Salmonidae family, which means they are related. But brookies aren’t really trout. They are members of the char genus. Rainbows are true trout, however. A few years ago, while fishing a gorgeous little trout stream outside of Ennis, Mont., my fishing buddies and I were …

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Rocky Mountain sunset at Sylvan Lake Park.

How To Catch Rainbow Trout In Lakes: Open Water Tactics 

Rainbow trout fill lakes across the United States, but that doesn’t make them an easy catch. Because of a lake’s vast area and depth, many anglers are overwhelmed before fishing begins.  After pinpointing a lake’s optimal location, anglers can catch rainbow trout from shore or a boat using bait, tackle, or flies.  Locating Rainbow Trout …

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Do Rainbow Trout Have Bones

Do Rainbow Trout Have Bones? Deboning Filets & Whole Trout

If you’re looking for an easy fish to eat, trout shouldn’t be your first pick. Rainbow trout are bony, with some people estimating that they have around 262 bones.  Unfortunately, these bones are delicate and sometimes challenging to detect. If you’re not careful, each bite might have a crunch.  Is Rainbow Trout Bony? People hesitate …

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A pro fisher proudly holds a big trout by a wintery river while having fun fly fishing.

Skamania vs. Rainbow Trout: Similarities And Differences 

If you’re disappointed about missing the spring steelhead run, there is still hope to catch chrome. People call that hope Skamania steelhead. Skamania is a steelhead strain that runs upriver during the summer rather than the spring.  What Is a Skamania Trout?  Similar to steelhead and, therefore, rainbow trout, distinguishing a Skamania trout can be …

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