He catch the brown trout.

How to Catch Brown Trout: Aggressive and Sensitive Predators

Catching brown trout requires understanding their holding areas, including slack water, pools, riffles, seams, and eddies. Understanding their feeding habits and behaviors gives you an advantage in pursuing them. Finally, a quality rod and reel setup with insect and prey fly imitations sets you up for success. Pursuing brown trout takes anglers into the most …

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Close up image of Brook trout in man's hand.

How Are Brook Trout and Rainbow Trout Different? Cousins From the Same Continent

Brook trout and rainbow trout are both members of the Salmonidae family, which means they are related. But brookies aren’t really trout. They are members of the char genus. Rainbows are true trout, however. A few years ago, while fishing a gorgeous little trout stream outside of Ennis, Mont., my fishing buddies and I were …

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