Garlic cloves.

Do Trout Like Garlic? Olfactory Evidence Says Yes!

For whatever reason, trout have, indeed, shown that they are attracted to the garlic scent. Anglers have been using garlic baits for trout with great success for decades. Some things just don’t make sense. Like the little hook-keeper just above the cork handle on your fly rod. Nobody uses them anymore, yet manufacturers keep building …

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A spoon lure, resembling a rooster tail, set on a white backdrop

Panther Martin vs. Rooster Tail: Which Catches More Trout?

Panther Martins and Rooster Tails are both spinners but have slightly different makeups that anglers prefer depending on conditions and the fish’s attitude. Panther Martins have bigger blades and are heavier than Rooster Tails but can struggle in smaller water. Both rely on movement to be their best. No trout angler disputes the effectiveness of …

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