Spotted Bass near sunken log hideout in Springs.

Spotted Bass vs. Largemouth Bass: Same Family, Different Lives

Largemouth and spotted bass have different features, prefer different water conditions, and hunt differently from one another. Largemouths don’t need to spend time around other largemouths, whereas spotted bass spend most of their time in schools. Both are aggressive and willing to do whatever it takes to get their meal. The black bass family has …

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Person's hand holding a 10-pound big bass on its mouth.

Best Color Whopper Plopper for Largemouth: Ideal Topwater Lure

Some of the best color Whopper Ploppers for largemouth bass are white, perch, loon, monkey butt, bluegill, phantom shad, bone, powder, and “I Know It.” Whopper Plopper offers colors for almost every situation when largemouth bass fishing. These include clear water, muddy water, and everything in between. There’s nothing like catching bass on topwater baits. …

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Bass swim in a lake with green algae.

Can Largemouth Bass Live in Cold Water? Extreme Resilience

Yes, bass can live in cold water. Largemouth bass are cold-blooded fish, so their body temperatures depend on water temperatures. In cold water, bass will survive, but their metabolism slows, and so do their movements and feeding habits. They barely move and find the warmest water possible. Largemouth bass continually impress me with their ability …

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