Rainbow trout, grilled with tomato and parsley.

Are Rainbow Trout Good to Eat? Delicious Recipes Included

Rainbow trout are delicious. It has a mild taste and contains various healthy nutrients. One meal of rainbow trout provides you with high amounts of protein and necessary omega-3s. Plus, you can prepare them in multiple ways without significant cooking skills. A recent backpacking trip took me deep into the mountains of Colorado. We spent …

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Danny fishing in the river.

Are Brown Trout Native to Pennsylvania? Wild vs. Native Trout

Brown trout are not native to Pennsylvania. They’re native to waters overseas in Europe, Asia, and Africa. However, Pennsylvania has many populations of wild brown trout. These fish can naturally reproduce and don’t need any help from humans to survive. Brown trout are some of most anglers’ favorite fish to land in Pennsylvania. Pennsylvania is …

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