The Real World Record Largemouth Bass

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This is the real world record largemouth bass. Even though it’s not officially recognized, it’s the largest EVER caught. At 25 pounds 1 ounce, this bass beats the “official” IGFA record by almost three (3) pounds. She was caught in 2006 at tiny Dixon Lake, California by Mac Weakley.

Mac Weakley and his two friends, Jed Dickerson and Mike Winn, have been after this fish ever since Jed caught and released her in 2003 at 21 pounds 11 ounces. They called her “Dottie” because of the dot on her gills. After 3 years they finally caught her again. This time she weighed over 3 pounds more.

Mac and his friends decided not to pursue the world record due to the controversy surrounding the fish. The issues that were brought up: (1) The fish was not weighed on a certified scale. (2) It was unintentionally foul-hooked. (3) No measurements of length or girth were taken. (4) Dottie was released.

What an amazing fish! I would be extremely happy to catch a bass half that size. Controversy? Forget the controversy! I would have at least tried for the world record. Imagine the bragging rights and the monetary gain. You would have sponsors begging at your doorsteps. Some say that bass was worth at least $1,000,000. Nice!

Too bad that Dottie can’t be caught again. In 2008, she was found floating dead in Dixon Lake. Rest In Peace Dottie. I won’t have a chance to catch you.

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