The Fishing Secret to Catch More Fish

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Most of us know how our mindset can affect our daily lives. A positive mental attitude can make our lives so much better. What some anglers don’t understand is that our mindset can also affect our fishing experience.

The Secret: Have a positive outlook for your fishing trip. Assume that you WILL catch fish. EXPECT to catch fish. This will cause your fishing performance to go up, as well as your fishing catch rate. Here is why: When you expect to catch fish you will be more focused on the fishing. You will make precise casts and will focus on proper lure retrieval. You will “feel” for strikes better, setting the hook accordingly.

When you don’t think you will catch fish, you just won’t put the effort in properly presenting your lure to the fish. You will make sloppy casts and bad retrieves. Your mind won’t be on the fishing. Even if you do get a bite, you have a much higher chance of missing the fish because you were not expecting it.

When I look back at my past fishing experiences, I find this principle to be true. When I “knew” or “believed” that I would catch fish I almost always did. On the other hand, when I didn’t think fishing would be good it rarely was.

From now on, every time I go fishing, I will assume that when my lure is in the water there is a LUNKER following it. I will fish the best that I can until I catch fish or it’s time to go home, LOL.

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