PETA is Loosing their Battle Against Fishing

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Being a fisherman, I don’t feel outraged or threatened by PETA at all. I know for a FACT that nobody takes them or their message seriously except for a bunch of gullible crazies that know nothing other than what they are told. If fishing is cruelty to animals then eating a salad is cruelty to plants. Plants feel pain too you know, lol. They try to portray anyone that likes fishing as a murderer. What a joke. Their whole organization is a joke and the whole world is laughing. Ha ha ha ha… all the way to the lake!

I have to agree with Kevin Vandam (in the video) because I have experienced this myself a few times. He said, “I hook a Bass and reel him almost all the way to the boat. He gets off and he comes back and bites my lure again. If he was feeling so much pain he wouldn’t do that. I mean, you don’t come back to something like that.”

I have never met a single angler that kills fish for the pleasure of it. If an angler kills a fish they are going to eat it. Humans are meant to eat meat. Just like some animals. Just take a look at those canine teeth in your mouth. They are meant to tear flesh from the bone. Most anglers catch and release these days anyway. They take extra care to make sure the fish lives to be caught another day, when it’s bigger.

I have to admit though, I enjoy watching PETA commercials and interviews. I always get a good laugh. I would send them a small donation to keep making those funny and entertaining appearances, but I need the money to buy a new “fish impaling” lure.

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  1. I got a good laugh from that video also. Got it right after I got done shaking my head in disbelief that they market such nonsense. Sometimes you just got to wonder what makes these Peta folks tick!


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