Fishing Knots that All Anglers Need to Know

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It is very important to tie your hooks and lures to your fishing line securely. After loosing many fish I finally realized this. I have tested and retested many knots in the past. These are the two that I like the best (very reliable). I now use one or the other every time I go fishing.

Improved Clinch Fishing Knot

The Improved Clinch Knot: This is my favorite knot. It is very easy to tie (with practice) and retains a high percentage of the lines strength in the knot. I use it for everything. I tie it to regular hooks, flies, and lures. Click here for detailed instructions on tying the improved clinch knot.

The Trilene Knot: This knot is similar to the improved clinch knot. I noticed that this knot is a tad bit stronger than the improved clinch knot. It is a little harder to tie though. I use the Trilene knot when I need that little bit of extra strength. Click here for detailed instructions on tying the Trilene knot.

There are many more OTHER fishing knots that can be useful to fishermen/women. The palomar knot is ideal for tying jigs. The rapala knot is also practical. That’s why I recommend that you go to to learn how to tie them. They have detailed instructions with pictures and animations for over 20 different fishing knots. It’s the best fishing knots website (in my humble opinion)!

Whatever knot you choose, consider a braided line if if you’re looking for extra knot strength.

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