How to Properly Fish with Spinners

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Since spinners are not designed to imitate a natural food source, they need to flash and vibrate to entice strikes. The most important thing about fishing with spinners is to get and keep the blade spinning. If the blade is not spinning then you won’t catch nearly as many fish.

Fishing with Spinners

Get the blade to spin. Have you ever reeled in your spinner and noticed that it wasn’t spinning? When you cast out your spinner, give your rod a jerk (like setting the hook) to get the blade spinning. Continue retrieving your spinner and the blade should keep spinning all the way to the shore/boat. Another thing that can keep your spinner blade from spinning is weeds and debris. Make sure to keep your spinner clean so that it spins properly.

Other than that, spinners are easy to use. Simply cast it out, wait until it sinks to the desired depth, and then retrieve (with the blade spinning). Remember, practice and experience helps, so get out on the lake or river.

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