How to Take your Younger Children Fishing and Enjoy It

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No, I don’t mean use your kids as bait. I’m talking about taking your children along with you for some family fun. It should be enjoyable and fun for both the parent(s) and the child/children. Yeah right! As a parent, I know that this is not always the case. It takes preparation and patience on our part. And, don’t expect to actually do any fishing yourself unless you WANT to get disappointed and frustrated.

Remember that when you take your (younger) children fishing, it’s not going to be the same as with your fishing buddies. You need to “gently” introduce them to fishing, not shove it down their throats. Make sure they have fun and they will learn to like fishing. If they loose interest, have something else to do like: hiking, exploring, skipping rocks, and/or other outdoor activities.

What you need (other than the fishing gear) to make your fishing trip comfortable and enjoyable: (1) Drinks – Water, juice, or soda are good choices to quench the little one’s (and your) thirst. (2) Snacks – Don’t let hunger cut your “fishing” trip short. (3) Paper Towels – You will need something to clean up the fish slime, mud, and dirt that children will undoubtedly get into. (4) First Aid Kit – If someone gets a cut or scrape you can just slap on a band aid instead of going home because someone got a little boo-boo. (5) Proper Clothing and Shoes – Make sure you and your children stay comfortable to maximize enjoyment.

Remember, you can’t go wrong by focusing more on having FUN with your children than on the fishing. Everyone will be happy and maybe you will even catch some fish.

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