Win Every Fishing Competition Between Friends

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In every group of fishing buddies there is that “one guy” that almost always out-fishes everyone else. Do you think it’s a coincidence? I think not. There are some underlying “secrets” to out-fishing your buddies. Here is how YOU can be that “one guy”:

Win Fishing Competition Tournament Derby

Be Prepared: Before you go fishing, make sure you have all the gear and tackle you need. Ask around about what baits and lures have been producing the best in the body of water where you will be fishing. Make sure to pick some up if you don’t have them. Check your fishing rod and reel to see if they are in proper working order. Inspect your fishing line and sharpen your hooks.

Stay Focused: Keep your mind focused on the fishing. Concentrate on properly presenting the bait/lure to the fish. Be ready to set the hook at all times. (from the time your hook/lure hits the water to the time it is fully retrieved)

Keep Fishing: *No Slacking Allowed! Lol!* Work the lake/river with your fishing bait/lure. Fan cast to cover the most water. Keep your bait/lure in the water as much as possible. While your friend takes a little break to scratch his nose, you can make two more casts than he. More casts = more chances of a hook up.

Be Quick: Have your fishing rod(s) pre-rigged so you are ready to start fishing as soon as you get to the body of water. Be quick to re-bait your hook and change your lures. The more your the lure/bait is in the water the higher the chance you will hook a fish.

Maybe trying to win every fishing competition between friends is too much work. It might take the enjoyment and relaxation out of fishing. I try not to compete too much, but it can be very fun and exciting to do once in a while, Especially when you WIN!

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2 thoughts on “Win Every Fishing Competition Between Friends”

  1. I love this blog! You’ve got lots of great content here. I love having a “friendly” fishing with 3 of my best friends. The purse is usually that the loser has to buy the beer for two weeks. As you can see, it’s not a bet that you want to lose!

    • Ha… That’s a good idea. Next time me and my buddies get out on the lake we will make that bet. The looser has to buy a certain amount of “premium” brew. Thanks for stopping by my blog, Chris.


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