Why are Fishermen Known as Liars?

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The one that got away… We hear the stories all the time. How unbelievably big the fish was. Are the anglers lying? Most people seem to think so. Here is what I think:

Fishermen Anglers Lie Liars Lying

I’m sure there ARE some fishermen/women that lie about the size of the fish that got away, but for the most part, anglers just exaggerate a little (or a lot) in the excitement of the moment.

I know this from my personal experience. Sometimes, when a fish I hooked slightly breaks the surface of the water, I can swear that it’s the biggest fish I have ever seen. Then later, when I get the fish to the boat, I realize that it was nothing but a crazy fighting little fingerling. Imagine if that same fish broke off, I would be telling stories about “the BIGGEST fish I ever seen” that got away.

Another example: This happens when you catch and release a fish that is slightly larger than normal. Your heart is still beating hard and the adrenaline is pumping through your veins from hooking and retrieving the fish. In the excitement of the moment, some anglers eyes magnify the fish from 100% to 200%. You can’t say they are lying because that’s what they saw. And since they released the fish, there is no proof.

This is the reason why anglers should always carry a camera. The pictures can either prove them right or prove them wrong. When I look at some pictures I took, I think to myself, “Wow, I thought that fish was way bigger”.

Fishing is an exciting sport and people are know to exaggerate when excited. So don’t blame the angler because they simple can’t help it.

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