Great Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Spring

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The best time of year for largemouth bass fishing is during the spring. This is when they move from deeper water into the shallows to start their spawning action. This is a great time to catch those big bass because they will be concentrated in the shallows near the shore.

Between about the middle of March to the middle of June (when the water really starts warming), look for nice debris-free sandy spots in about 2-5 feet of water to locate the largemouth bass spawning beds. Cast your lure/bait starting from the edge of the bed(s) and working your way throughout the whole area.

I recommend to using a smaller lure/bait fished at a slow to medium speed near the spawning beds/flats. The reason for this is: largemouth bass will hesitate to leave their beds unattended to chase some food. So, in order to induce more strikes, you will need to place and keep the lure/bait in the direct vicinity of the spawning bass.

Watch the great fishing video at the top. Kreig Adkins shows us how to use spinner baits for spring time bass. There is a great deal of information that can be learned about catching largemouth bass in the spring. Enjoy the video and get out on the lake to catch those springtime bass.

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2 thoughts on “Great Largemouth Bass Fishing Tips and Techniques for Spring”

  1. Evening!

    Very interesting post and great video. I agree that spinnerbaits are a fantastic spring bass fishing lure selection. As you mention, I also opt for 1/4 oz single spins except the bait I use is typically one called a vibra-bug (made in NH) and it has a #4 mag-willow blade.

    When you couple the blade and its unique head design it provides an action/vibration many bass haven’t seen (a rarity today!).

    Thanks again for the great info and tips …

    Tight lines & full live-wells!


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