11 Great Ways to Rig Soft Plastic Baits/Lures

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Looking for ways to rig your soft plastics? Well look no further because I have found a great, if not the best, online guide to rigging your soft plastic baits/lures.

Rig Soft Plastic Baits/Lures Texas Carolina

We all know how well soft plastic baits/lures can work to bring more fish into the boat. But most of us only rig our baits one or two ways for all our fishing needs. This can limit our ability to catch more fish. This is why I think it’s important to know your rigs. Here you can learn 11 different ways to rig your soft plastics for that perfect lure presentation to catch more fish.

Thanks to Russ of BassDozer.com for putting together this awesome guide. He shows us how to rig the Weightless rig, unpegged Texas rig, Shakin’ rig, pegged Texas rig, Screw-in rig, Mojo rig, Carolina rig, Rockhopper rig, Splitshot or Slipshot rig, Dropshot rig, and the Wacky rig.

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2 thoughts on “11 Great Ways to Rig Soft Plastic Baits/Lures”

  1. Learning the proper way to rig plastic baits for bass fishing (any type of fishing for that matter) is extremely important. One other thing to remember is to check that the bait hangs naturally after rigging, especially when using methods like the Texas Rig. Personally I typically use the Texas, drop-shot, wacky and jighead rigs … great article thanks!

    • You are very welcome, Jim @ Mozingo Lake. Hopefully I will have some more articles that are valuable to you and others. BTW, Great point about the bait hanging naturally after rigging. Thanks.


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