Simple Bait Fishing Rigs to Catch Panfish

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One of the easy and simple ways to catch panfish is with bait. Whether you are using minnows, worms, crickets, mini crankbait, bait fish or a homemade dough bait you need a good bait fishing rig to bring in the most amount of fish. Here are three that are simple and effective.

Panfish Bait Fishing Rigs

1) Bobber Rig – The most basic and popular of all the bait fishing rigs is the bobber rig. To make this rig, you simply attach a hook to the end of your line and then attach a fishing float 24 to 48 inches above the hook. You can also add a split shot weight about a foot from the hook to help the bait sink faster. The bobber is used as a strike indicator. When you see it “bobbing” or when it goes underwater, it’s time to set the hook.

2) Free Floating Rig – This is a super simple rig that can be very effective in catching panfish. It’s just a hook connected to the end of your line and nothing else. You use the weight of the bait on the hook to cast it out. Then wait for it to sink to the desired depth and slowly retrieve. Great rig for finicky fish.

3) Drop Shot Rig – Known as a rig to catch bass with soft plastic worms. It’s also a great bait fishing rig for catching panfish. First you tie on the hook. Make sure you leave about a 24 inch tag end of line. Feed the tag end through the top of the hook eye so that the hook is pointed straight up. Then pinch on a split shot sinker to the end of the line. There you have it! Instead of using soft plastics you can use your choice of bait(s).

Now go and catch yourself some panfish.

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  1. First of all, I really like the new look to your blog. Keep up the great work.

    Thanks for the tips. I love fishing for Panfish. Actually, I have enjoyed those trips as much as I have enjoyed any of my other fishing experiences for much larger fish.


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