How to Fish Top Water Lures for Explosive Surface Strikes

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Fishing with top water/surface lures can be one fun and exciting way to catch fish. It can also be frustrating if you don’t know what you’re doing. Follow this short guide on casting, retrieving, and hook setting top water lures for explosive strikes.

Top Water Surface Lures Strikes

Casting – Make sure to cast out your top water lure as far as you can. This helps you cover more water and there is less chance that you will spook the fish. After you cast, let the lure just sit there for a few seconds. Fish will often strike your lure just after it hits the water.

Retrieving – Here are some ways to retrieve your top water lures to attract strikes:

1) Stop and go – Just like it sounds, reel in a few feet and then stop. Then again, reel and stop.

2) Walk the dog – Twitch the rod tip as you are reeling in your lure. This causes the lure to “wag” from side to side.

3) Twitching – Not much explaining to do here. Just twitch your rod tip. This causes the lure to do all kinds of action.

4) Ripping – Quickly “rip” the lure across the surface and then stop for a few seconds. Then repeat. Retrieve (rip) about 2-4 feet at a time for best results.

5) Hopping – Hold you rod tip up high and jerk your rod just enough to cause the lure to hop 2-3 feet.

You are not limited to one retrieval method per cast. You can combine different retrieves for better results. You can even make up your own retrieves just as long as they cause a surface commotion that will attract fish.

Setting the Hook – Wait a second or two before setting the hook. This is because the fish suck the lure into their mouth first and a moment later close their jaws on it. So, If you set the hook right when the fish inhales your lure, you will most likely pull the lure out.

I don’t know if practice makes perfect, but I do know that it will help. So, the best way to fine tune your top water fishing skills is to get out on your favorite body of water and practice.

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