How to Catch Redear Sunfish in the Spring

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Fishing for redear sunfish this spring? Then have a look at some of these helpful tips and techniques. Redear sunfish, like all panfish species, are best fished for with light tackle. The average size of redear sunfish (also known as shellcracker) is about ½ to 1 pound. That may sound like a very small game fish but on light tackle, with the feisty nature of this panfish species, a day on the lake catching redears can be loads of fun.

Catch Redear Sunfish Spring

In order to catch redear sunfish in the spring, it’s good to locate areas that have debris lining the banks, such as fallen tree branches and submerged tree stumps. During the spring redear sunfish will look to bed around these naturally camouflaged structures and will be voracious eaters at the same time.

A great technique for locating redear is to walk up and down the bank looking for small cleared out areas. These are the spawning beds where they lay their eggs. If you have experience searching for largemouth bass beds in the spring then you will know exactly what to look for on the bottom of the lake. The only difference is, a redear bed will be much smaller.

You can catch redear sunfish on just about any small sized lure or bait. Great lures are: size zero spinners, tiny soft plastic or marabou jigs, and mini spoons. Baits that work great are: worms, crickets, grasshoppers, and pretty much any other insect that can fit in their mouths.

Follow these tips and you are sure to catch a whole heap of redear sunfish. Good Luck!

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  1. Great timing on the article … Given the cool, wet spring we’re having here in northern Missouri, the timing works well too. Crappie are just moving off the bank, the bass are thinking about spawning and sunnies are right behind. Though mainly a bass fisherman, I do spend a little time fishing for panfish such as the Redear Sunfish and your points will definitely help!

    Nice change to the site theme as well!


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