World Record Brook Trout Caught in Canada

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Wow! Look at the size of that brook trout (also known as: speckled trout, square tail, and coaster trout). That thing is HUGE! The average brookie length is about 12-16 inches and weight is about 1 pound. This fish FAR exceeds the average size for the species.

World Record Brook Trout

The brook trout was 29 inches in length and had a 21 inch girth. That’s one thick fish! Based on the brook trout weight calculation formula, this fish was about 16 pounds. That’s about 1.5 pounds more than the previous world record.

Too bad this brook trout is not officially recognized as a world record by the IGFA. The reasons are: 1) It wasn’t weighed, only measured. 2) Since it was released, the size could not be verified. I bet Tim Matheson (the angler that caught the fish) is pretty bummed out about that. Oh well, at least we can look at bright side. There is a world record brook trout still swimming around somewhere waiting to be caught. Maybe…

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