Giant Pike Caught Using a Large Pike as Bait

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Take a look at this gigantic northern pike! WOW! It’s huge! I never thought pike could get that big. This pike was supposedly 56 inches long and 55 pounds in weight. It would be amazing to catch a fish like this.

Giant Pike Fishing

Here is the story: The angler was fishing and hooked a nice 36″ northern pike, which is not small by any standards. As he was fighting the fish to the boat, this monster pike locked its jaw on the 36″ hooked pike and wouldn’t let go. Both pike were then netted into the boat. The 36″ pike was not intentionally used as bait, but happened to be what attracted the monster pike into striking.

Giant Pike Fishing

This shows just how aggressive pike can be. The monster pike was trying to eat a rather large fish of its own species. I have heard of pike eating their own, but nothing like this. I always thought it was large pike eating the baby pike, not monster pike eating other large pike.

I guess this means that you can catch gigantic pike with lures or bait as long as 36 inches. I can’t imagine throwing a 36 inch crank bait or spinner. That would be a sight to see. LOL!

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