Trout Fishing Tips and Techniques for Summer

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The single most important thing you need to know about catching trout in the summer is: Trout are a cool water fish. They prefer cooler water than any other game fish. You will need to find those cool “pockets” of water to find active trout. Knowing this you will understand the following tips for trout fishing in the summer.

Summer Trout Fishing

Tip # 1: Fish deeper. That’s where the trout are. When the summer sun heats the water, it warms the shallows and the surface water the most. The deeper water is cooler and more comfortable for trout.

Tip # 2: Fish during the early mornings or late evenings. These are the times of day when the water temperature goes down a few degrees causing the trout to become more active. Also, in the mornings and evenings you don’t have that blazing hot and bright sun directly overhead.

Tip # 3: Slow down your presentation. Trout may become sluggish (slow and lazy) during the hot summer months so it’s best to slow down your lures and flies. You should be rewarded with more strikes.

Tip # 4: Fish on cloudy days. Trout are more active when they get the much needed relief from the hot summer sun.

Tip # 5: Fish in the shade. The water temp in the shade is usually a little cooler than directly under the sun. Look for structure that provides shade like: vegetation, underwater humps, submerged trees/brush, and drop offs.

These trout fishing tips have helped me catch more trout during the summer months. I would be bringing in my limit while other anglers didn’t do nearly as well. I attribute my summer trout fishing success to these very tips. I’m sure they will work for you.

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