Musky Crankbaits to Catch Big Muskies

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Crankbait fishing for muskies is gaining popularity among musky anglers. There are a few tackle manufacturers that make quality crankbaits especially for catching muskies. Here I have posted a few of my favorites. Check out these great musky crankbaits that can help you catch big muskies.

Jake Musky Mania

1) The Jake by Musky Mania is is one serious crankbait to catch those big muskies. It comes in 6, 8, 10, and 14 inch sizes. The 14 inch version is one monstrous lure. You will need a telephone pole of a fishing rod to cast this beast. It would definitely be attractive to those big muskies. Get it HERE.

Skinner Salmo

2) The Skinner by Salmo Fishing Lures is a great musky crankbait. It’s about 8 inches long and is perfect for catching big muskies or huge pike. The skinner closely resembles real bait fish and has a wide sweeping action that is sure to attract those huge muskies. For Sale HERE.

Mag Shad Crankbait

3) The Mag Shad by Tackle Industries is another great lure for big muskies. It’s 11 inches long and is great for cast and retrieve as well as trolling. Although, I think trolling would be easier. lol. Pick one up HERE.

Grunt Trolling Crankbait

4) The mother of all musky crankbaits is the 16 ” Grunt by Tackle Industries. This thing is HUGE. I don’t think cast and retrieve is an option with this crankbait (unless you’re a body builder or something). Making a few casts with this baby will tire you out for a few days. These musky crankbaits are most practical for trolling. And if you looking for big musky, this is the lure to use. Sold HERE.

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