Top 5 Most Popular and Effective Bass Fishing Lures

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The list below shows the 5 most popular types of largemouth bass fishing lures. The reason these lures are so popular is because they are simple, widely available, and most importantly, these lures are quite effective at catching bass. If you do not have these lures in your tackle box, you may be missing out on some amazing bass fishing action.

Plastic Worms

I don’t know what exactly it is about plastic worms that bass can’t resist, since worms are not part of their natural diet. Whatever it is, bass really LOVE plastic worms. Many anglers, both amateur and professional, swear by them. If you have not tried bass fishing with soft plastic worms, I recommend you pick some up for your next fishing trip.

My two favorite brands of plastic worms are Berkley (buy here) and Gary Yamamoto (buy here).


Most, if not all, bass anglers know what a spinnerbait is, but not too many of us actually use them on a regular basis. A cluster of flash and vibration,  spinnerbaits are sometimes exactly what the bass are looking for.

The best spinnerbait brands, in my opinion, are Terminator (buy here) and Booyah (buy here).


The reason crankbaits are so effective at catching bass is because they do a good job at mimicking bait fish look and behavior. If the bass are holding in deep water, deep-diving crankbaits are great for getting down there and enticing strikes.

The crankbaits I use most are Rapalas (buy here), but when I can spend a little more, I prefer MegaBass (buy here).


One of the oldest tricks in the book to catch big bass, jig-and-pigs are simply a jig with a pork rind trailer. I don’t really know what it is about the pork trailer, but it seems that bass really respond well, especially in cooler water. Jig-and-pigs are still very popular because of their bass catching abilities.

I’ll use just about any quality bass jig (buy here) with an Uncle Josh Pork Frog Trailer (buy here).


Who doesn’t love Rat-L-Traps? They make a rattling noise that simply drives bass crazy. They were invented over 40 years ago and are still very popular today. This is proof that they are obviously effective at catching bass.

Out of all the rattling lures out there, I use the original Bill Lewis Rat-L-Traps (buy here).

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