Make your Fishing Line Last Twice as Long

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There is a really cool way to make your fishing line last twice as long. Thanks to John Merwin on, I now know the way to do this.

On your fully spooled  reel, you only use the first 100 feet or so of your line for fishing. The rest of the line just sits there on the reel unused. When the first 100 feet of line gets worn out, most anglers just unspool ALL the line and throw it away. What they don’t realize is that they can actually reuse their fishing line. Let me tell you how.

First you carefully unspool your “worn out” fishing line and lay it down somewhere so it doesn’t get tangled. Then take the used (worn out) end of the line and tie it to your reel and spool it on. What happens is you respool your line in reverse, making the unused end of the line on top and the worn out part underneath.

Now, you have some new line on your real and you didn’t even have to spend any money. This is especially nice if you reuse the more expensive superlines. You can save yourself $20+. This works with both spinning and baitcasting reels.

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