Advanced Casting Techniques for Accuracy in Ultralight Fishing

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This video demonstrates three different styles of advanced casting techniques for ultra light fishing. It’s slowed down to about 1/17 of the real speed so you can see exactly how these casts are done. With these advanced casting techniques, you should be able to consistently cast 40-50 feet with great accuracy.

The Flip Cast is great for accurate, short range casts. It’s perfect for when you need to toss the lure into that hole between the lily pads. The Snap Cast is similar to the flip cast except you get better casting distance. It’s great for dropping your lure above a rising fish. The Fer de Lance Cast gets the best casting distance out of all these casts.

These casts are also great for when you’re ultralight fishing in dense brush. Many traditional casting techniques require you to swing the rod from behind you, increasing the chances of hooking a branch. All of these casts are done completely in front of you, so your lure is never near the brush.

For those looking for distance, we have guides for casting further and lines for casting distance. Or study up on spinning vs. casting.

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