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If you’re more of a shore basher like me then you would have experienced those frustrating times when you are staring across the water at some very inviting structure, wharf pylons, piers or other areas that you couldn’t reach. If this is the case then kayak fishing might be the answer! Not only does kayak fishing allow your more flexibility in terms of reaching possible fishing locations, it also combines two amazing past times in fishing and kayaking. Yes that’s right, you can get fit whilst fishing, now you have an excuse to go fishing more often!

Ultralight Kayak Fishing in Action!
I currently have a broken leg so getting out fishing has been a little harder than usual, so I have found myself scouring YouTube for cool ultralight fishing videos. I have plucked this recent YouTube video of a kayak fisherman in the Mississippi River having an epic battle with a freshwater drum on ultralight fishing tackle.

For your reference he is using an Ocean Kayak Classic Scrambler XT. I especially like the rod holders he has on the side and the fish finder at the front!

Is it for you?
Kayak fishing is the ultimate in relaxation and is perfect for ultralight fishing enthusiasts. It will allow you to get up close and personal with nature and more importantly it will get you closer to the fish… quietly! Before jumping into kayak fishing it is recommended you make sure it is right for you as you will most likely be making a sizable investment on your new kayak. Many sporting stores will allow you test their crafts or alternatively they will have periodic test weekends. This will give you an opportunity to see if kayaking is for you and if so which boat is best suited to you.

Choosing a Suitable Kayak
There are two key factors to keep in mind when choosing a suitable kayak for ultralight fishing purposes, these are stability and storage. You are going to want to select a kayak that provides the suitable amount of stability for your size. You will be stationary often and you will be casting and undertaking movements that will shift your weight off center so you will want to ensure you can do this with the comfort of knowing that you aren’t going to fall in and scare all the fish!

Secondly, adequate storage on your ultralight fishing kayak is essential. Decide what activities you plan on undertaking with your kayak and ensure it has suitable storage. If you are day tripping you will want room for your fishing tackle, a dry bag for your valuables, lunch etc. However if you would like to go on camping trips you will want a kayak with storage for your tent, cooking equipment etc. Any good fishing kayak has some type of rod holder, make sure they are located somewhere out of the way yet easy to reach without losing your balance. Here’s a tip, bring your fishing rod to a test day so you can simulate the real thing. Think extra hard about what you’ll need and pick up all of the gear for your trip.

Safety First
As Jim Sammons from kayakfishingshow.com mentions in the following video, many kayak fisherman are fishermen first and paddlers a very long distance second! The below video from YouTube will demonstrate a few very important lessons to remember whilst kayak fishing that will keep you safe and possibly save your dignity.

Most importantly like all things fishing make sure you have fun and live by my favorite two words… “Get Involved!” Man I hope my leg gets better soon I have a sudden urge to go kayak fishing!

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