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Crestliner VT 19 ultralight fishing vessel

Ultralight fishing can be taken to a whole new level if you are lucky enough to own a tournament style fishing boat. These types of power boats are generally built for speed and stability and are perfect for targeting ultralight fishing species in various waterways and dams. A tournament style power boat will be equipped with a trolling motor at the front (the bow) and an outboard motor on the back (the stern). Most tournament style boats generally can easily move through the water because they are crafted with a sleek profile that sits low in the water. Most are constructed to accommodate up to three anglers that can either stand, or sit in swivel chairs during competition.

While most tournament style fishing power boats range between 16 feet and 18 feet, there are tournament style boats that are much longer (up to 25 feet). Often fabricated out of fiberglass or aluminum, they all contain a live well that uses recirculating water to effectively keep the catch alive.

Not sure where to start? Here’s a brief look at 5 popular power boats perfect for ultralight fishing.

#1 Crestliner VT

One of the most popular tournament style power boats available is the Crestliner VT. This sleek design is available in both a 17 foot a 19 foot model. It offers top-of-the-line performance, and maximum horsepower. As an aluminum boat, it offers optimal gear storage with its enhanced quality constructed structure. It comes complete with an aerated live well (30 gallons) situated behind the cockpit. The live well is constructed with dividers to separate the caught fish.


#2 Tracker 190 TX

For the serious angler, the professional grade tournament style Tracker 190 TX has a larger deck area with significant power. At nearly 19 feet long, it offers a trolling motor, onboard battery charger, and aerated live well (16 gallon), with a Mercury outboard motor (90 hp). Its all-welded aluminum frame and trolling motor (45 pound thrust) is ideal for moving into the tightest undisturbed areas when fishing.


#3 Larson FX 2020

Using the latest technology, the Larson FX 2020 offer serious anglers a tournament style power boat. It features two aerated live wells (18 gallon-bow, 29 gallon-aft), trolling motor, rod lockers, and fish finders. This dual console boat has an integrated designed fiberglass floor that accommodates two fishing seats with six well-positioned bases.


#4 Rangers Z522 Comanche

The 22’4” Rangers Z522 Comanche is a top-of-the-line tournament style power boat design for the serious angler. It offers extended deck space, a larger fuel capacity, and lockable storage. With 300 horses, and 58 gallons of fuel, this boat can take the angler anywhere they need to go. The interior is one large superstructure crafted out of fiberglass. It has an onboard battery charger and a 26 gallon aerated live well, polished trim (aluminum), rod buckets (retractable), and a carpeted floor deck step.


#5 Nitro Z9

The Nitro Z9 is nearly 21 feet in length, with a 96 inch beam. This high level professional grade tournament style power boat is the top-selling choice bass boat. Dominating tournaments for years, Nitro offers every amenity needed on the water. It has two rod lockers with lighting, an aft folding chair and a bicycle seat located on the bow. Its trolling motor provides 80 pounds of thrust. It has an in dash fish finder and GPS, along with a re-boarding ladder (fold-down). Its two onboard insulated aerated live wells (20 gallons each) are built with continuous water circulators, oxygen generators, pump out systems and timers. This high-end, high-performance tournament style power boat has every desirable feature for the serious angler that enjoys tournament fishing.


These boats are made with the finest materials available. They offer tournament style angling with the optimal features required for competitive fishing. With wider beams, and quality features that become an integral part of the boat, anglers can have a better overall experience at a professional level. For generations, competitors have used the best fishing equipment available for fun, relaxation, practice and tournament play.

Take your ultralight fishing obsession to the next level with one of these beautiful machines!

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