Top 5 UltraLight Fishing Destinations (USA)

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For the experienced ultralight fisherman or beginning novice, the US has some of the most phenomenal fishing destinations in the world. Here are the top five ultralight fishing destinations.

Kiawah Island, South Carolina

KiawahIsland - prime location for ultralight fishing

The salt marsh estuary on Kiawah Island provides an idyllic environment for world-class site fishing in shallow waters. The area is available year-round. During the months of late spring into the last days of summer, trout and redfish start their seasonal trek as they head back to the river seeking their natural prey residing along the edge of the river. During the colder months of the year, the water along the salt marsh will clear. This is when the island’s redfish will relocate in large schools to the area’s flats. They do this because of the warmth provided by the shallow waters, and as a safeguard from dolphin.

Port O’Connor, Texas

Port Oconnorm - Ultralight fishing is common in this area

Situated on Texas’ middle coast, Port O’Connor provides one of the ultimate sight cast adventures in the US. Its clear water flats provide weight fishing opportunities, or sight fishing off of a skiff boat. The endless miles of Texas water flats are position all along the backwater lakes, and dozens of isolated islands. Fly fishermen visit from all corners of the globe to enjoy casting for reds. Usually, August and September offers quality red catching. However, with premium weather year-round, opportunities abound for the fisherman eager to work their ultralight equipment or fly rod.

Port Charlotte, Florida

port charlotte - ultralight fishing cove

Port Charlotte, Florida offers one of the most exciting and challenging types of flat fishing in the entire state. The high level of sight fishing experiences offers an extreme adventure. The water is clear enough to quickly identify every target, and judge its movement rate and direction. It offers a high level of precision fly fishing with the need to react lightning fast to capture your target. Even the most inexperienced fly fisherman is rewarded with an impressive strike. Using ultralight tackle, fisherman typically utilize weed less spoons, small jigs, flies, jerk baits (soft plastic) and jumbo shrimp.

Missoula, Montana

Missoula - ultralight fishing area

The state of Montana has some of the most phenomenal sight fishing available in the United States. Much of the area is undisturbed, with pristine waters filled with natural wildlife and plant life. The lakes, rivers and streams all throughout the area provide the ultimate experience for a hard-core angler. Many of the regions along the glacier country in Montana offer easy accessibility for the diehard fisherman, or casual angler. The location where the Clark Fork River meets the Blackfoot River offers some of the best experiences for sight fishing, located just minutes outside of downtown Missoula. Farther north, in Lincoln County, is an even more phenomenal fishing experience that offers both wading and shoreline fishing along the Kootenai River.

Clear Lake, Washington

Clear Lake Washington - ultralight fishing spot

From late April, to the end of October, both serious and novice anglers can enjoy a variety of trout, black crappie and largemouth bass fishing using ultralight tackle. The Brown Trout fishing is best experienced during the month of October, at Clear Lake, when the trout travel to forage while preparing for their spawning in the late part of the fall.

The finesse and delicate touch involved in ultralight fishing requires the best equipment and the perfect timing. Using a lightweight, short rod, the task of outwitting a fish in shallow waters requires identifying the target and a lightning fast release.

Experienced anglers know the proper way of sneaking up on their selected target, and making the perfect little splash across the surface of the water. When the lure provides an almost perfect natural arrival on the water surface, the unsuspecting fish is lured to the angler’s line. The United States offer some of the most phenomenal ultralight fishing opportunities anywhere in the world.

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