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Anyone that is properly prepared for their ultralight fishing holiday will return back home from their exciting adventure more relaxed than they have felt in years. The outdoor adventure will provide the ultimate experience while spending time in some of the most beautiful bodies of water available in nature. The holiday experience will provide a chance to be one with nature while observing great scenery. Ultralight Fishing offers the opportunity to focus solely on the experience and leave every day cares behind.

Fishing Rod Rack Commonly used for ultralight fishing

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Taking a holiday to enjoy an ultralight fishing adventure will offer fun and excitement along with a much-needed rest. For the most relaxed adventure, it is important to develop a holiday checklist to ensure that you bring along everything necessary for your trip. While it is not imperative to bring along everything on the list, nor does it represent the ideal comprehensive guide, experienced anglers want to make sure they have everything necessary to be ready for nearly any type of experience on the water.

Fly Fishing Tackle

Fly Fishing or Ultralight fishing Tackle

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When traveling, rod tubes are known to fare much better during transit than other varieties. Additional fly fishing tackle to take along on the holiday includes:

• Reels & line
• Leaders
• Tippets
• Flies
• Bite indicators

Cat Fishing Tackle

• Rod, reel and line – any line rated 10 kg or less breaking strength will minimize the potential for landing large fish.
• Bait casting reels
• Large spinning reels
• Miscellaneous tackle – i.e. bite alarms
• Barrel weights, pencil weights, cork balls, 3-swivels
• Float/bobber for live bait

Lure Fishing Tackle

Lure Fishing or Ultralight fishing tackle

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It is important to use a spinning rod that is crafted with a high level of flexibility. This will provide the opportunity to cast the lure at an effective distance. The longer the rod, the farther it will cast creating a longer trace, which could be a significant advantage for capturing large fish in clear water. The tackle you will need to bring along include:

• Reels & line
• Lure connections that minimize tangles and produce a more natural appearance
• Spinner louvers (spoons)
• Plugs
• Feathers
• Look-alikes


Obviously, the type of clothing that needs to be taken will be highly dependent on exactly where the fishing destination is located. It will also involve the time of year, and whether or not the fishing adventure will be on land, on a boat, or in the wading waters.

• Fishing jacket
• Waterproof jacket
• Gloves,
• Windproof jacket
• Undershirts
• Towels and toiletries
• Reading material
• Knife
• First aid kit and medications
• Comfortable pants
• Cell phone
• Hiking boots
• Plenty of comfortable, warm socks
• Down vest/jacket
• Hats

Miscellaneous Fishing Tackle

Fishing Tackle Store ultralight fishing tackle can also be purchased
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No matter what type of fishing you will be experiencing on your holiday, it is important to bring along a specific variety of miscellaneous fishing tackle. These include:

• Line clippers
• Pliers
• Waders
• Polarized glasses
• Wader boots

You do not need to be a diehard fishing fanatic to enjoy the experience. Fishing in the beautiful waters is a sport that is accessible to every individual of varying skill levels. By being prepared, and having the right equipment, every member of the party will have the opportunity for the big catch and a lifetime of memories of the rich and rewarding ultralight fishing experience.

Many individuals enjoy fishing holidays as a way to meet individuals that have similar interests. It is important to take the time and fully prepare for the adventure, to ensure you have everything you need for the trip. This includes all of your tackle, rods and reels, along with the proper clothing that is ideally suited for the weather you will experience while on holiday. Adding too much, or redundant items, is much better than not having enough, or worse, leaving something behind.

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