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3 out-there ice fishing destinations

It is something akin to Zen meditation – sitting in freezing temperatures on a frozen expanse of water, holding a fishing line and staring down into a self-forged hole in the ice for hours on end.

To the outsider of course, nothing sounds madder than heading out in frigid temperatures onto frozen lakes or dams to poke holes in the floor and sit around waiting for fish to bite. But then again, that’s probably because they have never tried it.

The clan of spud and auger wielding fishermen is one that is united in the basic, beautiful and yes, somewhat spiritual experience that comes from fishing the hard water. Of course, for many fisher folk, something akin to spiritual reverence can also be found in sipping a fine single malt whisky out on the open ice with a friend, family member or even loved one.

It is an addictive fascination, that staring into the hole in the ice you created, and wondering what is going to come out.

That being said, if you find yourself craving some time out on the ice there are a few places on this beautiful planet of ours that you’d do well to pay a visit to – auger, fishing gear and fine bottle of whisky in hand.


What’s in Greenland? One hell of an ice-fishing adventure. The majestic and remote fjords of Ammassalik situated in eastern Greenland play theater to an ice fishing expeditionary experience that you will find hard to rival anywhere else. Forget fishing just for the pan, in Greenland the motto is go big or go home.

The fishing tours here will have you mounting a traditional dogsled and whisk you to the best locations for ice angling in the region. Halibut up to 50Kg have been caught in this part of the world, not to mention the renowned Greenland shark which often weighs upwards of 200 kilograms.


If you find yourself in Europe for the winter and are up for some ice-fishing, then make sure to head across to the Swedish Lapland and strike base camp in the picturesque northern town of Lulea.

Out on the frozen River Lule you will be fishing for some of the most mouthwatering fish available to anglers anywhere – Salmon, trout and grayling. Not only are these species of fish perfect for the pan, but they are great to go after regardless of ability.

Be sure to tap into the local knowledge from the guides and as an added treat have them prepare and cook your catch for you – you will be in for a fresh feast you won’t soon forget.

The Yukon, Canada

Half the fun and most of the adventure when it comes to ice fishing often involves just getting to your fishing hole. The wild and rugged Yukon country in Canada will have you embracing your inner pioneer as you climb aboard your snowmobile and head out toward one of the best fishing lakes in all of North America.

Kathleen Lake is located deep in the remote and remarkably beautiful Kluane National Park and it is world-renowned for the sheer number of fish that swarm below its ice-capped surface. If you love lake trout then this is the place for you. Once that jig hits the water you can be assured that the trout will come fast and furious, all day long.

Now, whilst ice fishing has been called a relatively tame and leisurely pursuit, for those with a hunger for a bit of adventure the locations mentioned above will no doubt give you nothing short of a wild an unforgettable ice fishing experience.

Ready to try one of these incredible destinations? Before getting started, check out our guide for ensuring safe ice thickness when ice fishing.

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