Common Fish for Ultralight Fishing

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So you’re considering making the move to ultralight fishing. So what type of fish can you expect to reel in with your new gear. While you may never haul in a tuna or sturgeon, you may be surprised at the variety of catch available to you, even with your slimmed down gear. Here’s a rundown of some of the most frequently sought after fish by ultralight anglers.


There are a quite a few varieties of bass. From striped bass to largemouth bass to smallmouth bass, most are suitable for ultralight fishing. You’ll find both freshwater and saltwater species making bass within reach for most of us. They can range in weight from 1 pound to well over 60 pounds and beyond the limits of ultralight fishing.


Catfish come in nearly countless varieties. But the free major species for North Americans to know are the blue catfish, channel catfish and flathead catfish. Each are commonly found in freshwater locations across the States and Canada and in plentiful quantities.


Trout can get quite large. But that doesn’t mean you need to abandon your ultralight gear to reel them in. With some skill and practice, you’ll be able to control your lure even through stronger currents, allowing you to bring in this prized catch.


Panfish includes a variety of species that can, as the name implies, be fried in a pan. Essentially, a panfish can be any type of fish that’s small and caught to be eaten. Their small size makes them ideal for ultralight fishing. Common species include sunfish, crappie and perch.

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