Top New England Fishing Destinations

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Half Mile Beach, Maine

Well known for its striped bass, Half Mile Beach attracts schools of fish and plenty of fishers particularly in June and July when the water begins to warm Stick around until early fall and you’ll notice the size of the bass population grow. In addition to fishing, be sure to checkout the bath houses or take a stroll down the lengthy beach.

Plymouth Harbour jetty, Massachusetts

Among New England anglers, Plymouth is known for more than just Pilgrims. The town’s gorgeous harbor offers a jetty enjoyed by walkers and fishers alike. The jetty is one of the New England’s best spots for bass and bluefish. Branch out further for cod or haddock.

Gloucester Harbor, Massachusetts

Gloucester is well situated on the coast of Cape Ann in Massachusetts. Known as America’s first seaport, the New England town came to prominence as a central piece of the country’s fishing industry. Commercial and recreational fishers alike inhabit Gloucester today for its variety of fish ranging from mackerill, to bass, to cod, to bluefish and beyond. Home to popular beaches including Good Harbor Beach, Gloucester makes a great destination for a fishing vacation. As my personal favorite New England beach, we frequent this local beach house for weekend getaways.

Narragansett, Rhode Island

Narragansett offers something for just about everyone. Beachgoers flock to the seaside town for the sandy beaches as well as the small town shops and restaurants. Anglers love the town for the plentiful fish of all varieties. Try Narrangansett for your shot at cod, blackfish, porgies or even bluefish or tuna. Heading further out to sea reel in all the usual suspects, as well as sharks, Bluefish and deep sea Tuna. Families and fishers alike will appreciate the area’s whales and dolphins.

Massabesic Lake, New Hampshire

Massabesic Lake may be one of the largest lakes in New Hampshire, but a convenient location makes it an asset for anglers across all of New England. Try the lake for perch and a variety of other panfish in between typical lake activities sure to please the whole family.

New England offers plenty of destinations for fishing year round. In the winter months, there are ample places to try ice fishing. Those daring to brave the cold should check out our guide to safe ice thickness when ice fishing.

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