Sharp Top Mountain's base, with clouds mirrored in Abbott Lake, Bedford, VA.

Are Largemouth Bass Native to Virginia? Northeast Bass History

Largemouth bass are native to the southern half of Virginia and most of the Southeast and Midwest. The majority of Virginia has native populations, which makes it an excellent state to fish for largemouth bass. Largemouth bass are also in the areas of Virginia without native populations.  Largemouth bass are part of the backbone of …

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Fisherman with Largemouth Bass by Blue Lake.

Can Largemouth Bass Have Red Eyes? Sick and Aggressive Fish

Largemouth bass can have red eyes. Many experts agree that largemouth bass have red eyes because of pigment discoloration. Others argue that largemouth that live in deep waters have red eyes to help them see better in darker waters. Either way, largemouth bass with red eyes aren’t common. In nature, nothing is guaranteed. Unexpected things …

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Largemouth bass catching the bait.

Are Largemouth Bass Invasive? Non-Native vs. Invasive Bass

Largemouth bass are invasive in certain bodies of water across the United States. When introduced, they can eradicate native species, hurting those ecosystems. Native largemouth bass can be removed from bodies of water by invasive largemouths. In freshwater, largemouth bass are near the top of the food chain. While their power and aggression make them …

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Catch Colorful Peacock Bass!

Peacock Bass vs. Largemouth Bass: Freshwater Aggressors

Largemouth bass and peacock bass are different species. While they have similar mouth shapes, largemouth belong to the centrarchid family, and peacock bass belong to the cichlid family. Both share aggressive tendencies and use ambush strategies when hunting. Peacocks and largemouths sit atop the freshwater food chain. Catching my first peacock bass on a fly …

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Lily pads in the lake where big bass love to swim.

Largemouth Bass Spawn Guide: South, East & Central United States

Throughout the United States, the largemouth bass spawn happens in the spring. Depending on water temperatures, it could happen as early as December or as late as June. Bass look for water around 65 degrees before it officially starts. Once conditions align, the spawn gets underway.  For anglers, the largemouth bass spawn is on the …

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A guy sets free a big bass after catching it while fishing.

Can Largemouth and Smallmouth Bass Breed? Meanmouth Engaged

Largemouth and smallmouth bass do breed. For it to happen naturally, both species need various factors to align. Since they spawn in different areas, they rarely interact during the process. But they can overlap if largemouth bass spawn in deeper areas and smallmouth move up shallow. Largemouth and smallmouth bass live unique and different lives. …

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Ocean fishing pier.

Can Largemouth Bass Survive in Saltwater? Osmosis Explained

Largemouth bass cannot live in saltwater; they need freshwater to survive. Exposure to saltwater causes the freshwater in their cells to drain, leading to dehydration.  Freshwater fish like largemouth bass are tough and resilient. They can withstand significant water and air temperature fluctuations, survive off little food, and adapt to their surroundings. But they aren’t …

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Dark Bullhead fish, known as Ictalurus melas, swim in the pond.

Will Largemouth Bass Eat Bullheads? Perfect Population Control

Largemouth bass eat bullheads. Bullheads are not active fish, so they are an easy target for largemouth bass. Plus, bullheads repopulate at high rates, so there are usually plenty of them available for largemouth bass. Pond owners will introduce largemouth bass if bullhead populations get out of control. Bullheads usually live in dirty water with …

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