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Are you looking to upgrade your current fish finder, or are you looking to outfit your brand new boat with a piece of equipment that is worthy of guiding all of your fishing trips? If you’re looking to do either of those things, you have to check out the Elite 7 Ti.

The Elite 7 Ti takes the same concept that made the original Elite 7 so great, and it adds a few upgrades to make it better in general. I’ll go over all of those upgraded features in the sections to come.

Things To Consider

Before I hop into the actual review of the Elite 7 Ti, I want to warn you of a few things that you should consider.

It’s More User-Friendly Than Other Models

The Elite 7 Ti isn’t a fish finder that is built for beginners, but it’s easy enough to use that you can figure it out even if it’s your first fish finder. I usually don’t recommend fish finders that are this advanced to beginners, but it’s so easy to set up and use that I’m confident even the most novice fishermen can use it with ease. However, it is fairly expensive. So, only buy it as your first fish finder if you know you’re going to love using it.

It Has A Combination Sonar Transducer

Most sonar systems that use multiple forms of sonar require you to install multiple transducers. Part of what makes the Elite 7 Ti so easy to use is that you only have to install one, and you get three forms of sonar. However, combo units can sometimes suffer from various minor issues due to how much information one transducer has to handle.

For instance, the down-imaging feature works well for things that are right under your boat, but since the transducer is also running side-imaging sonar and CHIRP sonar, you might see large schools of fish that are dozens of feet away from your boat. When you do see something like that, try to flip over to your side-imaging system to see if those fish are actually beneath you. That will keep you from casting in the wrong spot just because the sonar system got a little wonky.

If you’re the type of person who doesn’t like dealing with little details like that, you might want a different fish finder. I personally think it’s a fair trade since I don’t have to spend hours connecting multiple transducers to my boat.

It Can Be Upgraded

I’ll cover this feature more in my actual review, but the Elite 7 Ti is capable of being upgraded. So, if you read the review section, and there aren’t enough maps or small features, don’t immediately turn away from the Elite 7 Ti. You can upgrade it via a WiFi connection or an SD card to get the features that you need.

Lowrance Elite 7 Ti Reviews

The Elite 7 Ti isn’t the first iteration of the Elite 7 model. It’s an upgraded version of the highly-respected Lowrance Elite 7, and it does everything that the original did, but all of its features are enhanced.

Its touchscreen is more intuitive and responsive, its sonar system is more robust, its mapping system is incredibly fleshed out, and it even has a few bonus features that really make it worthwhile.

This is the Elite 7 that is actually meant for Elite fishermen. However, its user-friendly features make it the perfect option for novice fishermen who really want a high-end fish finder.


This is the part where I break all of the features down to show you exactly what the Elite 7 Ti can do. I’ll cover all of the features, and I’ll give my opinions about how much they affect your ability to fish.

Intuitive Touchscreen

One of the major upgrades to the Elite 7 Ti is its touchscreen. The original model had some limited touchscreen controls, but the Ti variant can be manipulated using only the touchscreen. You can zoom in or out, select features, mess with your map, scroll around, and do countless other things with the upgraded touchscreen.

The upgraded touchscreen allows you to use your Ti faster, and it makes it easier to use since everyone is familiar with smartphones.


The Elite 7 Ti also features a TotalScan transducer that greatly reduces the amount of time you have to spend installing the unit, and it gives you a full suite of sonar options.

The TotalScan system is made up of a single transducer that handles side-imaging signals, down-imaging signals, and CHIRP signals. Sometimes all of those signals can get a bit confusing, but overall, the combo transducer makes it a lot easier for you to simply enjoy fishing. You don’t have to mess around with as much stuff when you use it.

I do recommend frequently double-checking your sonar returns when you just see balls of bait fish, though. Since there are so many signals being sent in and out from the transducer, your down-imaging sonar might show a school of bait fish as if it’s just a giant ball beneath your boat, but if you flip to side-imaging sonar, you’ll usually see that the bait fish are actually pretty separated, and they’re dozens of feet away from your boat.

If you pick up bigger fish, that usually isn’t a problem. It’s also pretty easy to switch between views. So, you won’t waste a lot of time double-checking your returns.

Bluetooth And WiFi

Bluetooth and WiFi systems are included with the Elite 7 Ti. They can be used for upgrading your system, manipulating your sonar from your phone or tablet, or even controlling certain pieces of equipment that you have on your boat. For instance, if you have PowerPoles hooked up, you can use your Ti to control them.

Easy Installation

Your Ti’s monitor can be mounted just about anywhere inside of your boat, but that’s not exclusive to the Ti. Most fish finder displays can be mounted anywhere. You just have to be creative.

However, the TotalScan transducer makes the entire installation process a lot faster. Instead of running new wires all over your boat and installing several transducers, you can just mount a single transducer to your transom, and then you can run a single wire to your console. The whole process should only take a little more than an hour. With other fish finders, I’ve spent nearly six hours trying to install everything.

Navigation Features

The navigation features on the Ti are also more robust than they were on the original version. Instead of just getting a basic map and GPS, you get Navionics, an enhanced mapping system, and a GPS system that allows you to plan out routes and create map markers.

The mapping system only covers the United States and Canada, but if you like to travel to more exotic fishing spots, you can easily upgrade the mapping system via an SD card or a WiFi connection.

If you only fish in the United States and Canada, you’ll be happy to know that the map system doesn’t just cover inland areas. Coastal regions are also covered.

Upgrades Available

The Ti isn’t like a lot of other fish finders. It’s good to go right out of the box, but you don’t have to just let it sit there and become obsolete over time. You can upgrade it via a WiFi connection or an SD card. There are new map packs available, software updates, and other cool upgrades that can keep your Ti up to date for years to come.

Social Proof

The overall reception of the Elite 7 Ti is positive. Other anglers have created Lowrance Elite 7 Ti reviews that boast about the unit’s vast array of features, reliable mapping system, and easy installation process.

They claim that it outperforms Garmin and Humminbird models at every turn, and while the sonar can occasionally get a little confusing when you pick up bait fish, it’s easy to fix the problem. You just have to switch to side-imaging sonar.

Besides that, other anglers have loved how easy it is to upgrade the Ti. With most other fish finders, what you see is what you get. They become obsolete within a few years, and you have to spend a bunch of money to buy a new one. With the Ti, you can just upgrade any features that become obsolete.

Alternatives to the Lowrance Elite 7 Ti

Here are a few alternative options if you’re not sure about the Elite 7 Ti.

#1 Hook 2 4X

The 4X is one of Lowrance’s most affordable options, and while it’s not quite as good as the Ti, it is good enough for the average fisherman.

It has a four-inch screen, a Bullet Skimmer transducer, and a basic mapping system. Its transducer can also be mounted in more positions than the TotalScan transducer that comes with the Ti. So, it’s great if you have a boat that doesn’t really have any room on its transom.

You can find the 4X at this link

#2 Garmin Striker 7SV

If you want something that is comparable to the Ti, but you can’t afford anything in the Ti’s price range, you should try the Striker 7SV. It has a seven-inch screen, multiple forms of sonar, and a mapping system that is just as impressive as the Ti’s mapping system. However, it can’t be updated like the Ti. So, what you see is what you get. Luckily, you don’t have to buy a new one unless you like to have the newest technology.

You can find it here.

#3 Simrad GO12

Is the Elite 7 Ti too basic for you? Are you a professional fisherman who needs as much of an edge as possible over the competition? If so, I suggest getting the Simrad GO12. It has a massive screen that measures 12-inches across when you measure it diagonally, life-like sonar returns, an even more advanced touchscreen, and one of the best mapping systems you find. I don’t think that the GO12 is necessary for most fishermen, but it can help professionals.

Here’s a link if you think you need something as powerful and advanced as the Simrad GO12.

Final Thoughts

The Elite 7 Ti is one of the few high-end models that I recommend to beginners and professionals alike. It has all of the fancy features that professionals need, but it’s also easy to use, and even novice fishermen can become proficient in its use within an hour or two. Even more importantly, it can be upgraded. So, new fishermen can grow with it without it becoming obsolete, and professionals don’t have to spend their money every few years just to stay ahead of the competition.

If you want to get your hands on the Elite 7 Ti, you should click here.

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