Celebrities that Love Fishing

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I have always wondered if any celebrities liked fishing. After doing some Google searching, I found a few that supposedly love to fish. Here they are:

1) Paris Hilton – Who would have though that she liked fishing. She said: “I still am a tomboy. I love to go fishing. I love sports. I used to play ice hockey. You know, I think people only see the glamour and the parties, but when I’m at home I’m completely different.”

Paris Hilton Celebrity Fishing

2) Tiger Woods – Tiger Woods like to fly-fish in Alaska and Ireland. I’m not so sure he has time for fishing anymore since he has like 20 mistresses and porn star girlfriends.

3) Kevin Costner – Kevin Costner has been fishing since he was a little boy. He even wrote the forward to a fishing book.

4) Harrison Ford – He played Indiana Jones, Of course Harrison Ford loves to fish.

5) Martha Stewart – After a hard day of selling towels and cute little pillows, fishing is probably the best way to relax.

I had quite a hard time finding celebrities that love to fish. If you know of any more, post them in the comments section.

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