What’s the Purpose of Ultralight Fishing?

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I’m known as an ultralight fishing promoter in my local area. When I strike up a conversation with a fellow fisherman/woman, either on the water or at a tackle shop, I almost always mention that I’m an ultralight angler. The most common question I get from non-ultralight anglers is: “Why?”. Why do I choose ultralight fishing over conventional methods of angling? For those of you who may be wondering the same thing, I will answer the question for you, right here.

Why Ultralight Fishing?

There are two main reasons why I choose ultralight fishing. Here they are:

Ultralight Fishing Helps Catch More Fish.

UL fishing allows me to fish with tiny, lightweight lures. I have found that fish will more readily strike these downsized lures. Most of the lures that I use, look nothing like the natural food that fish eat. So, I think using a smaller lure helps the fish feel more comfortable in eating something unusual, therefore more strikes.

One of my buddies, who insists on using heavier tackle, has never caught more fish than me. Our fishing methods and techniques are practically identical. He just uses larger lures, thicker line, and a heavier rod. I get about twice as many strikes and catch about twice as many fish. This is not a one time thing, either. This happens constantly. Why does he still use heavier tackle? Well, he’s stubborn in his ways. Don’t worry though, I’m slowly converting him over to the other, better side.

I’ve noticed that the lighter the lure the more life-like the action is. I strongly believe this is also a contributing factor to getting more strikes from finicky fish.

Ultralight Fishing is More Challenging.

Catching a small fish on ultralight tackle is definitely not more challenging than on conventional tackle. It’s when you hook into the larger fish that things get more challenging. You get to test the limits of your tackle, knowing that with one wrong move you can loose that lunker forever. With ultralight fishing it’s more of a “fight” to get the larger fish in, and that’s why I love it. I love the high and adrenaline rush I get from that experience.

If you’re an ultralight angler, why do you choose ultralight fishing?

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