How to Locate Fish on Any Given Day

Finding fish is one of the biggest problems anglers have.  It doesn’t have to be such a huge issue, though, because I’ve learned over the years that there are certain things to look out for when you’re trying to figure out what the fish are doing underneath the water and you don’t have a fish …

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Incredible Ice Fishing

3 out-there ice fishing destinations It is something akin to Zen meditation – sitting in freezing temperatures on a frozen expanse of water, holding a fishing line and staring down into a self-forged hole in the ice for hours on end. To the outsider of course, nothing sounds madder than heading out in frigid temperatures …

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Hilarious Fishing Accident – Made My Day

It’s funny how in the excitement of the moment, when you catch a large fish, there is a higher chance of accidents happening. For example, loosing your footing and tumbling down a steep bank. I have seem multiple examples of this, like the woman you threw her pliers into the water twice in one fishing …

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Fishing Under The Ice

Check out this awesome video clip made at Lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland. I guarantee you will like it. It made my day! Ready to give (conventional) ice fishing a try yourself. Be sure to check out our safety guidelines for ice thickness when ice fishing.

That Girl Sure Loves to Fish – Music Video

Hi Guys, I found a pretty cool music video about a girl that loves to fish. It’s the official music video of Craig Cambell’s hit single “Fish”. I’m not really into country music, but I can relate to this song. So I decided to share. Check it out. [youtube=] It’s nice to have a companion …

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2 men walking beside the Guadalupe river.

Catch-and-Release vs Catch-and-Eat

Based on personal experience and a few fishing forums I visited, the “release vs. keep” subject seems to be a touchy one. There are anglers on both sides of the spectrum that have extreme views on this matter. The catch-and-release extremists believe that all fish caught should be released immediately. And if you want to …

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What’s the Purpose of Ultralight Fishing?

I’m known as an ultralight fishing promoter in my local area. When I strike up a conversation with a fellow fisherman/woman, either on the water or at a tackle shop, I almost always mention that I’m an ultralight angler. The most common question I get from non-ultralight anglers is: “Why?”. Why do I choose ultralight …

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