That Girl Sure Loves to Fish – Music Video

Hi Guys, I found a pretty cool music video about a girl that loves to fish. It’s the official music video of Craig Cambell’s hit single “Fish”. I’m not really into country music, but I can relate to this song. So I decided to share. Check it out.

It’s nice to have a companion that has the same passions as you. Same is true when it comes to fishing. I’m happy my wife enjoys fishing almost as much as me. That way, there is no explaining to do. She’s happy to let me go and usually comes along with me.

After eight years of fishing together, her beginners luck if finally wearing off. I sometimes do better than her. lol.


  1. Shoreman

    At least you don’t have to decide between your wife and fishing. You’d sure miss her. Wow, another country song.


  2. AnglerWise

    lol, yes I would. Thanks for stopping by.

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