Hilarious Fishing Accident – Made My Day

It’s funny how in the excitement of the moment, when you catch a large fish, there is a higher chance of accidents happening. For example, loosing your footing and tumbling down a steep bank. I have seem multiple examples of this, like the woman you threw her pliers into the water twice in one fishing trip. (Video Here)

Another point. That is a very interesting way of catching fish (in the video). Using a long stick with a wire snare at the end of it, these anglers were able to catch a fairly large pike (I think). Enjoy the video.


  1. Mel

    Never seen this style of fishing before. Thanks for sharing with your readers. Now the accident part, I might have “down” pretty good!

  2. Shoreman

    There has got to be something illegal about fishing that way. His snare looks like what the dog catcher uses.


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