The Largest Game Fish in North America

White Sturgeon Largest Game Fish Fishing

If you want to catch the biggest freshwater fish, you should target the white sturgeon. The white sturgeon is known to reach a maximum size of 20.1 feet and a weight of 1,798 lb. WOW!

White Sturgeon Largest Game Fish Fishing

White sturgeon can be caught in the Columbia River and a few other rivers. There are relatively easy to hook. Just put some bait on a large hook with a 6-10 ounce sinker and cast it into the river. The hard part is reeling them in. Especially if they are the size of the one in the picture.

The guy in the picture has bragging rights for life. These are the kind of bragging rights every fisherman (or woman) wants.

The white sturgeon is the largest game fish, so whats the second largest? You can read about it here:

Second Largest Game Fish in North America.

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