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For those of you who are stuck at work or for some other reason can’t be fishing right now. Here is an online fishing game called “Bass Fishing Pro” by Great Day Games. It’s not as good as the real thing, but at least you have your mind on fishing. Post your scores in the comments section.

An ultralight fishing simulator to keep you on your toes and stimulated

If your boss catches you playing games during work time, you are on your own. So don’t get caught!

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3 thoughts on “Fun Bass Fishing Pro Online Game”

  1. I definitely need to get out on the lake! Unfortinately, here in MN it’s starting to get too warm for ice fishing but still too cold for open fishing. Hopefully soon though!

  2. In light and dark water conditions it seems to work best when you match the worm to the water color, light or translucent colors with clear water and dark brown or purple colors with darker water.


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