The Best Fishing Experience I Have Ever Had!

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This is one of my best fishing experiences that I have ever had. Me and three of my buddies decided to go fishing one summer evening. The lake was beautiful. Everything was calm. Fishing was very steady, with at least one fish hooked at all times. We were enjoying some brews and having fun.

I casted my line as far as i could and let the lure sink to the bottom. Right as I started to retrieve the lure I felt a strong almost violent jerk of the fishing line. I immediately set the hook and the fight was on. The fish started peeling line off of my reel at an incredible rate. I knew that the fish was bigger that I have ever caught. The fish surfaced about 70 feet away and right away everybody’s jaws dropped.

This was the lunker I have been waiting for. The fight was nowhere near over. The fish was testing the limits of my ultra light fishing rod. At one point the rod was making cracking noises. After about 15 minutes of hard fighting, I had this huge beautiful rainbow trout next to the boat. We didn’t have a net so one of my buddies had to grab it out of the water with his hands. Right when the fish got into the boat, the hook just fell out of its mouth.

With my heart pounding and the adrenaline flowing through my veins, I realized the importance of keeping your line tight. I was so close to loosing the fish the whole time because it was barely hooked. At a little under 30″, this was the largest rainbow trout I have ever caught.

Anyway, I should have probably let it go, but instead I ate it. And the way my wife cooks, I’m sure happy I kept it. Mmmm Good!

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