Why do Beginners Catch all the Fish?

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What’s up with beginners luck? It seems to me that the least experienced angler always catches the largest fish, the most fish, or both. Who has not noticed this? I have personally noticed this on may occasions where I am fishing with someone that is new to fishing.

For Example: When my wife was just learning how to fish, she would out-fish me almost every time. She would either catch the largest fish or the most amount of fish, sometimes both. We would usually be fishing with identical rods, reels, lines, and lures. We would be fishing from the same boat, casting in the same direction. We even retrieved the lures in the exact same way. But Yet, she always won the “Tournament”.

Another Example: When I was younger I was the most experienced (and skilled) fisherman out of my friends and family. We all went fishing from a dock. After spending many hours fishing and trying out every technique in the book, no one caught even a single fish. Then my little brother (5-7 years old at the time) dropped his lure straight down from the dock. A minute later he is screaming with a gigantic fish at the end of his line.

Hmm… What is going on here? I thought the saying was: “practice makes perfect” not “inexperience makes lucky”. Do any of you experience this phenomenon? Or am I the only one?

If so, all the more reason to transition to ultralight fishing. If you’ve never tried it before, you just might experience a little beginner’s luck yourself. Ultralight is easy to try for the first time for experienced anglers as its more important to know what to leave behind that what to pack.

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