Keeping it Light: What to Leave Home on Your Ultralight Fishing Trip

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When planning for an ultralight fishing trip, it’s easy to become caught up with what you need and don’t need, so much that sometimes the idea of going on a trip sounds stressful – especially for beginners just transitioning to ultralight. However, it is important to remember that fishing, like any outdoors activity, requires very little and sometimes less is more. Packing light is an important and efficient way to make the best of your trip. Keep in mind that giving up big, bulky equipment doesn’t necessarily mean you also have to give up on catching large fish.


Packing food for your trip may be necessary but there’s a lot of unnecessary foods you can leave out. Don’t bother with too many things that’ll need to be refrigerated as those will only take up more space in the cooler. Keep it light; you’re there to catch your meals, right?

When choosing between plastic and glass, always go with plastic as it is easier to store and won’t break, and for condiments like ketchup and mustard, there is no reason you need a mega size bottle. A regular or small size should be enough. Also leave out the hard liquor. A few cans of beer are fine, but liquor will only take up room and besides, no one wants to deal with a hangover on what’s supposed to be a fun fishing trip.

Fishing Gear and Equipment

Between worms, minnows, and all other types of bait, there’s hardly any reason to pack so much before the trip. Most camp sites and fishing lakes have areas where you can buy live bait on the spot. As far as fishing rods and lines, though you may need extra lines just in case one gets caught on something, you only need one rod per person and one tackle box in general.

Firearms are another item that can be left at home. After all, it’s a fishing trip not a hunting trip. As precious as your gun may be, what are the odds you’ll actually need to use it? Leave it behind to free up space.

Before you leave for a trip, a good way to help organize your belongings is to make a list of what you might need then go over each item listed and decide if it’s really necessary. If so keep it, if not cross it out.

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