How to Quickly Fix Your Broken Fishing Rod Tip

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Imagine this: You’ve been planning a fishing trip for over a week. You finally get to your favorite fishing spot only to realize that you broke your fishing rod tip somewhere on the trail. What should you do?

How to Quickly Fix your Broken Fishing Rod Tip


(1) Call it quits and go home without ever making a cast. (Yeah right!)

(2) Hike back to your vehicle and then drive to the nearest tackle shop to buy a new rod. (Pass!)

(3) Pony up the cash for a strong fishing rod.

(4) Fix/modify the rod to make it fish-able again. (Best option!)

There is nothing like a broken fishing rod to ruin your fishing trip. I know since I have had more than “my fair share” of broken rod tips. No matter how bad you feel about your mishap, it’s not the end of the world. With a quick and easy “modification” you can make your fishing rod fish-able again.

I have done this on a few occasions with good results. If I break my rod tip, I simply snap off the rest of the rod blank to the nearest guide (illustration above). I can’t guarantee that your fishing pole will be as good as new, but I can say that it will work to catch fish. I hope this helps.

Disclaimer: I only recommended this for cheaper fishing rods that have no warranty. If there is even a chance that you can get the rod professionally fixed or replaced, don’t follow this guide.

Of course the best fix is maintenance and prevention. We also have guides to help prevent your ultralight fishing rod or ultralight line from breaking. To keep your gear in tip top shape, check out our guide to taking care of your spinning reel.

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