How to take Proper Care of your Spinning Reel

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Taking proper care of your spinning reel can make a big difference in how well your reel works and how long it lasts. Fishing is not the cleanest sport in the world, your spinning reel will collect sand/dirt/dust in all the nooks and crannies. This is why they need a periodic cleaning. You also need to keep your moving reel parts lubed well so that your reel works smoothly.

When I don’t clean  and lube my spinning reel for a while the performance of the reel goes way down. The bail doesn’t open and close properly. The drag is hard to set and is not smooth. There is more resistance when cranking the reel handle. The moving parts have more friction and make a gritty noise. Overall, the reel just doesn’t work as smoothly. All of these problems are due to the reel being dirty and not enough lube.

I have ready in-depth guides about cleaning your spinning reels. Even guides about cleaning saltwater spinning reels can be helpful because the tips and techniques are applicable for cleaning your freshwater reels also.

Hopefully this never happens to you, but if you don’t have one of our recommended strong fishing rods and accidentally snap yours, here’s how you can fix your fishing rod tip. To get the most life out of equipment, invest in proper maintenance of your ultralight gear. We also have guides to help prevent your ultralight fishing rod or ultralight line from breaking.

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