Catch a World Record Blue Catfish?

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Do you want to catch one of the catfish family’s best-fighting member species? Then stick around and see if you can learn something about these magnificent freshwater giants. The current world record blue catfish was reeled in by Ken Pruitt and weighed a remarkable 124 pounds. While that is a huge blue catfish odds are that you will be catching average blue cats in the 15 to 30 pound range. These are still some very big and very good fighting catfish and will make for a wonderful fishing adventure.

How was the world record caught? This world record blue catfish was caught on cut-herring, which surprised me as I know that herring is a saltwater fish. This goes to show that the blue catfish will eat just about anything, as long as it is easy to catch and very stinky! The monster cat was caught in the Mississippi River on a bait-rig that utilized a large 6/0 hook and a slip-sinker 2 ounce lead weight.

If you want to catch a new world record blue catfish, just follow the tips above. You simply can’t go wrong using the same bait and rig as the world record was caught on. Most anglers prefer to fish for catfish in the dead of night or early in the morning. If you want to tangle with a giant blue catfish then fish during those times. Who knows? Maybe you will catch the next world record. NOT LIKELY!

I’ve also attached a great blue catfish fishing video, so you can get an idea of how it is to catch a 30 pounder.

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