The Strongest Fishing Rods You Can Get

There are a lot of options and a lot of considerations when shopping for a new fishing rod. If strength is what you seek, consider these fine recommendations. 1. D.A.M. Nanoflex The D.A.M. Nanoflex line of fishing rods are super strong. They can lift approximately 200 times their max casting weight without breaking. They use …

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Top 5 Tournament Fishing Boats

Ultralight fishing can be taken to a whole new level if you are lucky enough to own a tournament style fishing boat. These types of power boats are generally built for speed and stability and are perfect for targeting ultralight fishing species in various waterways and dams. A tournament style power boat will be equipped …

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Kayak Fishing

If you’re more of a shore basher like me then you would have experienced those frustrating times when you are staring across the water at some very inviting structure, wharf pylons, piers or other areas that you couldn’t reach. If this is the case then kayak fishing might be the answer! Not only does kayak …

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Huge Brown Trout Caught – Video

Check out the size of this brown trout, caught on Lake Michigan. This would be the perfect sized fish to test out your ultralight fishing skills. If you can get a fish like this in, on 4 pound line, that would make you the king of all UL anglers. Anyway, enjoy the vid.

Hungry Pike Eats Baby Duck

While this doesn’t have much to do with ultralight fishing, it’s an interesting video I’d like to share with you. It’s a video of a pike ambushing and eating a duckling. This video is a little sad, but it shows the grim reality of predator vs. prey. Larger trout, bass, pike, and muskies are known …

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The Next Generation of Ultralight Line?

While Berkley NanoFil is not marketed as ultralight fishing line, the qualities of this line make it seem great for UL fishing. This line is especially made to be used with spinning reels. It’s made up of Dyneema nano fibers, which are the strongest fibers on earth. These fibers are bonded at a molecular level …

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Fishing with Heavy Equipment

You all have got to see this video. It’s a Caterpillar excavator commercial from Japan, I think. It’s a wonder what these machines can do… not that I think this is real. Anyway, I don’t want to give it away, so just watch the clip. Instead of ultralight fishing, this would be considered extra-heavy fishing.

King Salmon on Ultralight Fishing Gear

One of the biggest joys of ultralight fishing is never knowing exactly what it is on the end of your line when you hook up.  Fishing with ultralight gear allows you the opportunity to catch any species, of any size that are in the waters you’re on.  This is part of the excitement that keeps …

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Can You Catch Bass on Ultralight Tackle?

Many anglers think ultralight fishing can only be used for panfish and small trout. Nothing is further from the truth! An average angler, using good ultralight tackle, can easily catch fish up to 5 pounds in weight. Anglers with more experience and skill can land fish up to 15 pounds. I have personally landed a …

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