The Strongest Fishing Rods You Can Get

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There are a lot of options and a lot of considerations when shopping for a new fishing rod. If strength is what you seek, consider these fine recommendations.

1. D.A.M. Nanoflex

The D.A.M. Nanoflex line of fishing rods are super strong. They can lift approximately 200 times their max casting weight without breaking. They use the same technology used in making carbon fiber. Microscopic fibers are integrated into the molecular structure of the rod blank causing them to be extra strong. Just take a look at the video below

Wow, that’s one strong rod. Where can I get one? Unfortunately, the D.A.M. Nanoflex rods are hard to find in the North American market. You can check eBay or Amazon, but the last time I checked I couldn’t find any. Your best bet would be to order it through a German fishing website. Just search Google for “D.A.M. Nanoflex” and you will find a few sites that will ship them to America.

2. Evolution Rods

The Evolution Neo Carbon rods are extremely strong and super sensitive. They are made from a solid graphite blank that gives the rod a thinner diameter and higher strength than regular tubular blank rods. When you use this rod, you get extra power to muscle in larger fish, and high sensitivity to feel your lure and strikes better.

Tackle Tour did a great rod review of the Evolution rod series. They had many good things to say and rated it quite high. This is definitely a great rod if you are looking for high strength and sensitivity.

Evolution Rods: (See Price or Buy Here)

3. Shakespeare Ugly Stik

When talking about the strongest rods, how can I forget about the Shakespeare Ugly Stik. This is the rod that started it all. Since 1976, when the Ugly Stik hit the market, it has been very popular because of its sheer strength. Even today, the Ugly Stik is as popular as ever. It’s one strong, durable, and hard to break fishing pole. They made them for every kind of fishing, with rod weights from ultralight to extra-heavy. You can’t go wrong with the Ugly Stik for shear strength, especially for the price.

Ugly Stik Rods: (See Prices or Buy Here)

These amazing rods are unlikely to snap. But if you do happen to break a rod, check out this technique to fix the tip of your broken fishing rod. To keep your gear in top condition, read our guide to taking care of your spinning reel. We also have maintenance guides including those to help prevent your ultralight fishing rod or ultralight line from breaking.

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